Functional and Certified Nutritional Services

Our Approach To Nutrition

You are unique and your treatment plan will be too!

Remember how you got an upset stomach when you gave a book report or a speech in school? Your thoughts about speaking in front of the class affected your entire body.  The Integrated Functional Nutrition approach acknowledges interrelated body systems and individualizes plans to improve function.  We do not treat disease. We look at the nutritional or metabolic imbalances that alter normal functioning.

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Medical Nutrition Therapy and Integrative Functional Nutrition Graph

Nutritional status is affected by the foods eaten, how well nutrients from those foods are digested and absorbed and what factors alter individual nutritional needs.  Sometimes food alone is not enough.

We use an integrated functional nutrition approach that examines interrelated body systems in the context of health history in an effort to determine the root cause of what is causing problems.

Our approach marries traditional Medical Nutrition Therapy and Functional Nutrition.  Results from conventional lab testing and functional labs tests testing paint a picture of that is happening in your body.  Conventional lab tests are used to diagnose disease. That is not what we do. That is the role of physicians. We use conventional and functional tests to assess nutritional status.

Our assessment evaluates the many factors affect nutritional status. These include:

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We use these results to design a customized treatment plan to improve your health. The plan may include therapeutic diets, elimination diets, dietary supplementation, and referral to other practitioners for physical activity, meditation, yoga, or breathing techniques.

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