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We have a 93% first time pass rate! Certificates printed onsite immediately after online tests are graded.

One of our instructors was in the first group of professionals ever trained to teach the ServSafe™ Manager exam and served as an item writer for the exam for over 10 years. If you look in the 7th Edition ServSafe™ Manual from the National Restaurant Association, you will see an acknowledgement for Linda Lockett Brown, CINET, INC as a member of the committee responsible for determining the concepts to be included in this edition of the ServSafe Manager™ and ServSafe Food Handler Exam™. Our instructors have real world experience in food service management, quality control and facility inspections.

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We cannot guarantee that you will pass the test. However, with our 93% first time pass rate, your chances of passing are high!

Where Are Classes Held?
1406 Kingsley Avenue, Suite B1, Orange Park, FL 32073. Classes begin at 9AM. Reservations are required so that you can get a copy of the study guide before the class.

Course Schedule
See Calendar below

Need Another Day?
We will schedule a special session for your staff of 3 or more.

Services for Adult Living Facilities

Menu Approval and Design
We can review and approve your menus for adherence to state requirements. Fast turnaround.

Biennial Training
We provide the training required by the State of Florida. All documentation needed for you to pass this portion of the audit is provided.

Policies and Procedures
We write Standard Policies and Procedures for food preparation, food safety and handling.  This provides consistency of operations at all times.

Services for Restaurants

We inspect your facility. We guarantee that if you pass our inspection, you can pass any health inspection in the country. If problems are found, we help your staff find a workable solution.

Policies and Procedures
We write Standard Operating Procedures for every area of your restaurant. These include food preparation, food safety and handling, food storage, employee hygiene, cleaning, sanitation, and maintenance. This provides consistency of operations at all times.

Restaurant OSHA Training

No one heads to work at the restaurant down the street from their home expecting to get maimed by a piece of kitchen equipment. No one takes family and friends out for dinner planning to spend the night in the emergency room waiting to hear whether the surgeon can reattach their child’s fingers.  And, no one goes to any restaurant expecting to Eat Lunch and Die!” Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security, Cannon and Walters, 2016.

We can train your staff to be aware of dangerous conditions. The goal is to decrease the risk of injury to employees, customers, vendors. Our staff was trained by Howard Cannon, restaurant expert witness and author of Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security published in 2016.

ACF Menu Approval, Biennial Staff Training

Do you know if you are meeting the new food service standards? We can help.

FLORIDA 59A-36.012 Food Service Standards
(c) All regular and therapeutic menus to be used by the facility must be reviewed annually by a licensed or registered dietitian, a licensed nutritionist, or a registered dietetic technician supervised by a licensed or registered dietitian, or a licensed nutritionist to ensure the meals meet the nutritional standards established in this rule. The annual review must be documented in the facility files and include the original signature of the reviewer, registration or license number, and date reviewed. 

We can develop menus to meet state requirements or edit and approve yours. Fast turnaround time.

Is your training up to date?  We can help with that too……………

FLORIDA 59A-36.011 Staff Training Requirements
(7) NUTRITION AND FOOD SERVICE. The administrator or person designated by the administrator as responsible for the facility’s food service and the day-to-day supervision of food service staff must obtain, annually, a minimum of 2 hours continuing education in topics pertinent to nutrition and food service in an assisted living facility. This requirement does not apply to administrators and designees who are exempt from training requirements under paragraph 59A-36.012(1)(b). A certified food manager, licensed dietician, registered dietary technician or health department sanitarian is qualified to train assisted living facility staff in nutrition and food service.

Training is flexible to meet the needs of your facility.

Book Your ServSafe Manager Training and Exam

You can use the form below to book upcoming ServSafe Classes.

Class Time:
9:00am – 4:00pm

Class Limit:
6 Person Each Class

Class Cost:
$175.00 Per Person
(includes study guide & testing)

Class Dates:

  • November 10, 2023
  • December 12, 2023
  • January 16, 2024
  • February 20, 2024
  • March 19, 2024
  • April 23, 2024

If you are interested in a class please fill out the form and specify the available date.

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